10 Years of Blogging

Believe it or not, it’s been 10 years since I started blogging. I started this blog in 2012 at the advice of my colleague and because I was at such a low point in my life and needed some place to vent out my feelings. I had never planned to do it long-term nor did I know I had it in me to continue this for so long.

This has become a passion now. No matter how busy I am, I always find a way to write a blog post and publish it. What a joy to read my earlier posts and look back through the eyes of my younger self. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but a thousand words can take your emotions and feelings to a different time and place.

What a journey life has been in the last 10 years. I started blogging when I was single and worried. Worried if I’d ever get married. I had lost all hope. But now, not only am I married but I’m also a mother to beautiful children. In life, God has fulfilled two of my deepest desires. Happy to blog from a better situation.

These 10 years have changed my understanding of the world, my understanding of people, and has taught me how God has been the only One having my back all these years. I am really indebted to God for where I am at now. He has been the lifter up of my head.

I do believe writing is a gift. One whose value cannot be expressed in words. I would encourage everyone to write something, to leave behind something useful for the upcoming generation. Afterall we are here to pass on the mantle to our future generations. Leaving them with knowledge is wealth. Many say they will write and leave something behind for their kids, but very rarely have I come across someone who has kept their words. They are busy or lazy and by the time they think about doing something, their kids are already grown up and leaving the nest. Life goes by very fast. Before we know it, it’s time for us to leave our earthly life.

If you plan to write you have to do it now. Even a paragraph per day is a good start. But let your kids have something to go back to and read and experience the world through different eyes. They will enjoy it. I’ve done a lot of blog posts on writing and have also shared a lot of tips on how to write well, so I don’t want to make this post repetitive and boring.

To make this post different I want to share one of the best topics I’ve written on and one the of the worst things I’ve had to write about. So the best thing I’ve ever written about so far on my blog has been about holidays and trips I’ve made. Those have been the best posts to go back to and reminiscence on. They literally feel like I’m reliving the entire journey. The worst thing I’ve had to write about is something all who follow my blog will know about without a doubt. It’s the deep, dark and desperate life I lived throughout my childhood, teenage and early adult years, while I was raised by the claws of an evil narcissist. I had physical parents but mentally, emotionally and physically I was an orphan. It has taken a huge toll on me to come to terms with my past. But writing has helped ease my pain. Just to have my story out in the open and to have everyone know the truth was therapeutic.

I must vouch for how writing helps heal. It helped me heal, overcome, put so many things behind me. It was a channel for me to vent my frustrations, which would have made me collapse had I bottled it inside. So if any of you are going through a difficult time, I encourage to write. It truly helps ease your inner being.

So I finish this blog thanking God for His mercies and His faithfulness. I would be nowhere today without his help. Today I am somewhere and God is solely responsible. Leaving you with another favourite verse from the Bible which has been so true in my life. Stay blessed!

Psalm 27:9,10 KJV

Hide not thy face far from me; put not thy servant away in anger: thou hast been my help; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation.

When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.