In an age where all woman are taught to think more about themselves, their career, their dreams, their ambitions, their looks, their rights, their perspectives and less about others, it helps to appreciate the less recognized, simple women, who are living a sacrificial life to raise the next generation. Who have put the needs of their kids above their own, who are homeschooling, cooking fresh meals, training, disciplining, praying, trusting God, cutting down their own expenses to meet the needs of their family, who work day in and day out without any breaks despite their own ill health.

They are investing their time, energy and efforts to raise better humans, better citizens and God’s vessels. Sometimes these women are looked down upon as lazy, useless and incapable individuals. However their roles in their own families and society as a whole, is irreplaceable. The world will surely come to value their contribution. Kudos to such women. May many more women realize that true achievement not only comes from being an entrepreneur or working at an office to earn an income. But also by doing the very thing that God has called women to do, take care of their homes with dedication and determination, by relying on Him to face challenges or obstacles, even when all odds are against them!